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This year, Estrella Damm Daura beer has won three prestigious international awards as a gluten-free beer. Beers from all over the world have participated in the three competitions, while Daura successfully established itself as the best gluten-free beer in powerful markets such as the UK and US.

The first of the awards, the Gold Medal in the “Gluten-free lager beer” category having attained 90 points and been considered "Exceptional", was given by the Beverage Testing Institute at The 2011 World Beer Championships held in Chicago, US, in September.

The World Beer Championships, founded in 1994, is America’s oldest international beer competition and is open to all commercially produced beers from around the world. It is a medal-based competition that awards its medals based on the proprietary blind tasting methodology developed by the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI), and bands of the consumer accepted, 100-point quality rating scale. 
The second award Daura won in 2011 was one of the 25 Gold Medals awarded by the International Beer Challenge 2011, given during the ceremony that took place in September. Again, Daura was awarded the medal as the best gluten-free beer.

The International Beer Challenge has rewarded and promoted excellent beers for 15 years. Attracting entries from over 30 countries, the competition not only encourages participation from the largest breweries in the world, but also the pioneering microbrewers across countries such as Australia, Italy and the US. At the heart of the competition is a rigorous and independent judging process with over 50 judges welcomed from around the world and across the industry.

The most recent prize won by Estrella Damm Daura this year was World’s Best Gluten-Free Beer, given at the World Beer Awards last Thursday, also in London. This is the third time Daura has won this prestigious award since its launch in 2006. This competition has been held since 2007, and Daura had already been awarded best gluten-free beer in the 2008 and 2009 editions (there was no gluten-free category in the competition in 2010).

Beers of the World annually organises the “World Beer Awards”, an event in which an international panel of beer experts choose the best brand in each beer style from among hundreds of participants from around the world.

Following a successful history and having achieved these three new awards in 2011, Daura has definitively established itself as the best gluten-free beer in the world.

About DAURA, the World´s Best Gluten Free Beer

Estrella Damm DAURA, the gluten free beer that is brewed with all the ingredients of a ”real beer” was launched as a worldwide innovation in Spain at the end of 2006. Since then, the brand has been successfully sold in Spain, UK, US, New Zealand and Australia, among many other countries.

DAURA is the result of a four year investigative research project between the Estrella Damm brew masters, the Gluten Unit of the Centre of Research—linked to the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (CSIC) —and the Spanish Celiac Association.

Results found that even though barley-malt is used as an ingredient - which is what gives DAURA its “real beer” taste, the final product has a gluten content level of below 6 parts per million - far below the 20 ppm required for gluten-free products, according to the Codex Alimentarius*. Each production batch is analysed by the CSIC, which certifies that the gluten content and properties are guaranteed.

It’s a light, smooth and refreshing lager beer. It has a fruity flavour completed with cereals and hops aromas and has a golden pale appearance. The alcohol level is 5.4% ABV. Because of its quality and taste, it is the perfect beer to be shared even with non-coeliac friends at any occasion.

Estrella Damm Daura is developed in its various international markets by working closely with the Celiac associations of those nations it is sold in. These associations have supported the product because of its quality and because it makes social life easier for those suffering from gluten intolerance, providing a better quality of life.

* Codex Alimentarius: the international food and drink standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

The CSIC’s control method

The results achieved have, in part, been possible thanks to an analytical system developed by CSIC’s National Centre for Biotechnology used to test hydrolysed gluten (gluten that has been broken into fragments) in foodstuffs. This system, known as “ELISA R5”, has been used to analyse more than 1,000 food products in which gluten is hydrolysed. According to Dr. Méndez, Research Lecturer at the CSIC Gluten Unit who lead the product development, “Until now, detection methods could not guarantee the accuracy of the hydrolysed gluten levels present in products such as beer, meaning that it was not advisable for celiac sufferers to drink any kind of beer at all”

This month of December has seen the second edition of “De Tapes per Barcelona”, an event that is consolidated as a leading initiative in the catering field.

The event was declared open on 14th December in the old Estrella Damm factory, chaired by Gaietà Farràs, president of the Barcelona Restaurant Association, and Enric Crous, Managing Director of the DAMM Group.

From 14th to 19th December, 49 establishments were offering the customers a tapa together with an Estrella Damm or Free Damm for a price of 2.40 euros (including VAT). This initiative encouraged consumption and helped associates promote their establishments in the days before the Christmas holidays.

The second edition was a great success, beating the figures obtained in May. Around 35,000 tapas were sold over the 6 days of the competition, and more than 72,000 plans showing the location of the establishments were downloaded.

Barraval won the “Tapa Gremi de Restauració de Barcelona” award for its creation entitled “Fum, Fum, Fum”, a tapa designed especially for Christmas. The “Tapa Estrella Damm” award went to Egarri Txapeldun, for its “Piruleta Damm-ela” for the best combination of tapa and Estrella Damm beer. The “Tapa Popular” award was won by La Paciencia for its “Mini egg and chips”.

The Estrella Damm Master Paddle Tennis Pro Tour 2010, the best tournament in the world, that acknowledges the best of the best at the end of the season, took place in Madrid from 15th-19th December.           

In front of the 5,000 spectators packed into the seats installed in Pavilion 6 of Madrid’s IFEMA Trade Fair Centre, and broadcast live on Telemadrid, Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguín, the world’s number ones for the last nine years, won the championship for the fourth time, and the second in a row. The best couple of all time beat the same rivals they played last year, Juani Mieres and Pablo Lima, by 6-3 and 6-4, in a match that lasted 70 minutes.

In the women’s final, Iciar Montes and Patty Llaguno beat Paula Eyheraguibel and Silvana Campus to win the Estrella Damm Master Paddle Tennis Pro Tour 2010.

The award ceremony took place after the men’s final before the huge crowd that attended the best tournament in the world. Federico Segarra, the Estrella Damm Communication and Public Relations Manager, and Javier Hernández, from Madrid Region’s Ministry of Sport, presented the championship trophy to Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguín. Javier Rodríguez, the tournament director, and César Inglés, from Showmarketing, presented the women’s trophy to champions Icíar Montes and Patty Llaguno. Manuel Hernández, the chairman of the Paddle Tennis Pro Tour and Yolanda Ausín, Telemadrid programme manager, did the same for Paula Eyerhaguibel and Silvana Campus, the sub-champions, as did Ricardo García Ramos, sub-director of sport for the Madrid City Council and Felipe del Baño, Sales Manager of Volvo Spain, for Pablo Lima and Juani Mieres.

Federico Segarra also presented Juani Mieres with the “Your Weight in Estrella Damm” award for the player who had obtained the largest number of Estrella points (points obtained from off the court) during the tournament.

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